You are an instrument – yes, your whole body plays a role when singing!

The human voice is the apex of instruments.

Since the dawn of time humans were fascinated with singing and the human voice.

The first music that humans ever made undoubtedly came from the voice.

It is simply a natural instrument.

It is an instrument that produce sound with meaning. Not just musical meaning, but actual meaning.

And that is the reason most people prefer music with singing to instrumental music.

In fact, we share our deepest emotions and desires using our voice.

When we share a very deep conversation with another human being, our voice transfers that energy and our voice gets affirmed as the instrument of choice!

That is exactly why people love listening to music with vocals.

Of course, this is on aggregate, and we can find a lot of individuals who prefer instrumental music.

The point that I am making is that the human voice is a tremendously powerful tool – it is the most powerful instrument.

Therefore – you are an instrument. A powerful, glorious instrument!

Yes, you are a living, breathing, walking and talking instrument.

You are more valuable than the most expensive grand piano available on earth.

And that is exactly why you have to remember to sing using your entire body. You have to use your whole body when you are singing.

Singing includes:

Tone control and note placement, diaphragmatic support, muscle support, posture support, resting – getting enough sleep and a whole lot more…

You also need to have the correct psychology when learning how to sing.

Your mind needs to think right for you to sound right!

You need to believe in yourself.

I don’t know about you, but I would much rather listen to someone with a rough tone of voice filled with great emotion and enthusiasm (think grunge rock singer) than a very smooth singer who knows all the right techniques, but there’s no heart and soul. (Usually a product of pure commercialism without artistic merit.)

Without a shadow of a doubt, there are also obviously very smooth singers with great passion – think Michael Jackson!

That is exactly why you need to think right.

For you to get what you deserve.

You have a great voice.

You can sing!

You just need training both vocally and mentally.

If you think right – you will act right, and become the singer that you’ve always wanted to become in your own unique and REMARKABLE style.

The greatest secret here is to get excellent coaching and input from someone who GENUINELY understands you – from someone who cares about you.

Yes, you need to learn the correct technique. Yes, you need to know the secrets of singing!

But far more important than that – you need to just sing and be yourself and use your entire body heart and soul as an instrument.

If you do this, you will touch your audience and bring tears to their eyes.

If you do this, you will reach the goal of being a great singer.

So be smooth by all means but be yourself and sing with passion and fire!


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